Work Location
Hyderabad, TELANGANA
Full Time
Job Duration
Full Time
Teradata, Installation/Upgrade/Patching, troubleshooting

Job Description

Description Details:

• Expertise in system/performance moniroting through Viewpoint and taking necessary actions.
• Good understanding of Teradata internal Architecture and query processing mechanisms.
• Continuous monitoring of loads/queries/sessions and systems through Viewpoint and taking necessary actions.
• Troubleshooting failed production jobs for spool, high CPU/IO, longrunning jobs etc
• Identify performance tuning opportunities by analyzing DBQL data, provide tuning recommendations like Stats collection, Revisiting PI’s for Skewed tables etc
• Expertise in Teradata tools and utilities like Data mover, BTEQ, TPT Fast Export, TPT Fast Load, TPT Multiload, TPT Stream, Arc main Utility, DSA-BAR etc.
• Setting up of database backup alerts through Viewpoint also backing up the system using DSA and monitoring the daily and cumulative backups.
• Identifying poorly running query and analyzing the same for tuning opportunities, giving recommendation for the same along with detail analysis and metrics.
• Identifying Stale stats & Poor PI, usage of secondary indexes, join indexes and collecting statistics.
• Tuning long running and suspect queries for CPU & I/O efficiency.
• Managing secured access on database objects through roles and profiles.
• Supporting Effective space management and Monitoring space of critical databases.
• Implementing Teradata Multi-value compression and BLC.
• Good Knowledge of TASM for Teradata workload management.
• Query Logging using DBQL and DBQL management
• Linux operations, commands and basic Shell scripting
• Checking load failures for TPT LOAD, TPT STREAM and TPT EXPORT and resolving.
• Creating/modifying/dropping Teradata objects like Databases, Users, Profiles, Roles, Tables as per Teradata best practices.
• Granting & Revoking access rights on Databases / Users / Roles as per Teradata best practices
• Assist ETL team in case of ETL jobs failure.
• Working with various reporting teams on fixing issues identified in the queries.
• Working with endusers with Teradata issues