Work Location
Bangalore, KARNATAKA
Full Time
Job Duration
Full Time
Developer must have Experience in C or C++ programing language along with the domain knowledge, Candidate with 4G experience can be considered

Job Description

Job Description:

MUST Working Knowledge in PDCP (3gpp 38.323 or 36.323) or RRC (3gpp 38.331 or 36.331)


o   Either one of the below experiences is mandatory. More the better.

o   Working Knowledge in any or all of the E1 protocol (3gpp 38.46x) or F1 protocol (3gpp 38.47x)

o   Working Knowledge in NG Interface (3gpp 38.41x)

o   Working Knowledge in Xn Interface (3gpp 38.42x)

o   Working knowledge in NR User Plane Protocol (3gpp 38.425) or PDU Session UP Interface (38.415)

Users of 3GPP and ORAN Specifications – can read, understand and drive requirements and use them for a reference towards the right implementation

o   Experienced in 4G/5G RAN L3 (RRC/RRM/PDCP etc.) Design and Development

o   Experts in C/C++ and Computer Science concepts e.g. Data structure, networking, Multi-threading, memory, and CPU management

o   Excellent Debugging skills

o   Good communication skills especially in technical communication

o   Good Attitude and Aptitude are MUST


o   Must Use Agile/Scrum/Jira